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Zionsville IN Locksmith Store Zionsville, IN 317-647-5365Do you need a professional locksmith to help you get inside a property you’ve rented out in Zionsville, IN? We get a call from many customers that need help getting inside locked properties. For properties that you’ve rented out to someone, though, you need a court order that allows you entry back inside. If you have all the legal details sorted out, you can contact us for immediate assistance. We are a professional eviction service that will let you back inside your property in no time. We have handled countless such requests over the years and you can expect our team to be reliable and discreet.

Evicted tenants are vengeful

It’s a known fact that tenants sometimes come back to wreck the property if they parted on bad terms with the owner. It’s a good idea to get tighter security on your property to be safe from your old tenants. At the very least, you should think about getting your locks rekeyed. Lock rekeying involves replacing all the mechanisms inside all the locks on your property with new ones. The new mechanisms will require new keys to open and will no longer work with your old ones. This is a cost-effective method to keep your property safe from angry tenants. You can also install high-security locks on your property as part of the eviction service to keep it safe – we have a large number of locks in our inventory you can choose from.

The eviction process:

Step 1: Do you have the legal paperwork necessary to get your tenant evicted? Just pick up your phone and call our eviction service.

Step 2: An expert locksmith team will arrive at your location, usually within 30 minutes. They will then assess your unique situation.

Step 3:If the tenant is still inside the property and you have an office of the law on-site, we can unlock the door for you. Once the tenant is escorted off-premises, we can take a look at all the locks in your property.

Step 4: We can then begin to rekey your locks, if you want us to. We can also fix damaged locks, or install new high-security locks on your property.

Step 5: If you don’t know if your property needs a security upgrade, our locksmiths will survey it for you and come up with a list of recommendations.

Step 6(optional):  If you approve our recommendations, we can install new locks for you. We can perform all our work overnight too, if necessary, at an affordable price.

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